Min oversettelse av kapittel 95 i Koranen

Kapittelet forteller at sjelens utvikling er avgjørende, både for individer og for nasjoner. Nasjoner kan utvikle høyere nivåer av humanisme dersom individene i nasjonen tror på Gud, og på at de har en sjel som kan vokse.
Forklaring av rot-ord.

Urfan Ul Hassan
Januar 2023

Kapittel 95

With Him who can be known through signs; He who rules the entire universe; He who provides during times of need, and He who continuously sustains all things.


Tradisjonell (S. I.): By the fig and the olive. And [by] Mount Sinai. And [by] this secure city [i.e., Makkah].

Min oversettelse: Witnesses are the fig and the olive. And Mount Sinai. And this land of security and solace.

Kommentar: Hendelsene da Noah (ved fjellet Teen-Fig), Jesus (fjellet Zaitoon-Olive), Moses (fjellet Sinai) og Muhammad (Mekka) begynte å spre budskapet, er vitner.

Root: T-Y-N ت ي ن: fig, fig tree, mountain.

Root: Z-Y-T ز ي ت: olive, beneficial plant.

Root: T-W-R ط و ر: green mountain, long/growing, times, stages.

Root: B-L-D ب ل د: city, land, village, chest.

Root: A-M-N أ م ن: not beaking someone's trust, solace, peace, safety, fearless, to trust and be secure.


Tradisjonell: We have certainly created man in the best of stature;

Min oversettelse: Indeed, We designed human beings with the potential to grow a beautiful balance in themselves (and thus also in the world).

Kommentar: I min mening handler dette verset om at mennesket består av 2 substanser - kropp og sjel. Kroppen kan mestres ved at mennesket jobber med å skape balanse i seg selv.

Root: KH-L-Q خ ل ق: estimate, proportionate, balanced, model after something, make one thing out of another.

Root: A-N-S أ ن س: man, mankind

Root: H-S-N ح س ن: beauty, balance, symmetry; things which are pleasing to the eye because of their balanced proportion.

Root: Q-W-M ق و م: matter to be balanced, proportion, steadfast/enduring, to stop, balanced life, nation.


Tradisjonell: Then We return him to the lowest of the low,

Min oversettelse: Then We return human beings to a beginning (physical) state which gives them no real profit in itself.

Kommentar: Versene her indikerer at mennesker kan bli verre enn dyr hvis de ikke jobber med å utvikle sjelen sin ("lowest of the low" = til og med lavere enn dyrisk tilstand (fordi dyr følger naturlig orden). Mennesket kjemper mot egen natur - mot naturlig orden - hvis sjelens utvikling ikke er i fokus. Neste vers gir en indikasjon på hvordan faktisk utvikle sjelen (gjennom dyder). Se også kap 103.

Root: RA-D-D ر د د: return something to someone.

Root: S-F-L س ف ل: lowliness, very low, mean people, no profit.


Tradisjonell: Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrupted.

Min oversettelse: Except those who believe and work intentionally toward helping others and creating harmony in themselves (and thus in society). For these there is a continuous healing, growth and learning.

Root: A-M-N أ م ن: not beaking someone's trust, solace, peace, safety, fearless, to trust and be secure.

Root: AIN-M-L ع م ل: work with cleverness, act with intent, deeds with purpose and intent.

Root: SD-L-H ص ل ح: help others, balance, peace/harmony, imbalance to be removed.

Root: A-J-R أ ج ر: to pay for fractured bones. Compensation.

Root: GH-Y-R غ ي ر: change, except, beside, difference between two things, reform and benefit.

Root: M-N-N م ن ن: favour from God with no effort. Tired. Exhausted. To cut.


Tradisjonell: So what yet causes you to deny the Recompense?

Min oversettelse: Then what makes you ignore following The System that can give you the truly good things in life?

Root: K-Z-B ك ذ ب: wrong news, pretend to sleep when called, slow camel, liar, deny.

Root: B-AIN-D ب ع د: distanced, removed from pleasantries of life, time to come.

Root: D-Y-N: د ي ن: overpower, state, decision, solid result, reward and punishment, faithfulness.


Tradisjonell: Is not Allah the most just of judges?

Min oversettelse: Is God not the Wisest of the wise ones? (God is the only one who can truly take all things into consideration - seen and unseen - and thus is the best to decide in human affairs).

Root: L-Y-S ل ي س: no (verb expresses past tense).

Root: H-L-HE لأ ل ه: (God): ruler of everything that exists; one with power, one who gives protection during danger.

Root: H-K-M ح ك م: to tell a person their limit. Stop. Someone who decides matters with balance (considers all aspects).