My translation of the Qur'an: Chapter 95

This chapter reminds us that human beings must be virtuous to develop their souls. The chapter indicates that there are correlations between the state of individual souls, belief in God, and a nation's level of development in humanity.
An explanation of root-words.

Urfan Ul Hassan
January 2023

Chapter 95

With Him who can be known through signs; He who rules the entire universe; He who provides during times of need, and He who continuously sustains all things.


Traditional (S. I.): By the fig and the olive. And [by] Mount Sinai. And [by] this secure city [i.e., Makkah].

My translation: Witnesses are the fig and the olive. And Mount Sinai. And this land of security and solace.

Comment: The events of when Noah (at mountain Teen-Fig), Jesus (mountain Zaitoon-Olive), Moses (Sinai) and Muhammad (Makkah) spread the message, stand as witnesses.

Root: T-Y-N ت ي ن: fig, fig tree, mountain.

Root: Z-Y-T ز ي ت: olive, beneficial plant.

Root: T-W-R ط و ر: green mountain, long/growing, times, stages.

Root: B-L-D ب ل د: city, land, village, chest.

Root: A-M-N أ م ن: not beaking someone's trust, solace, peace, safety, fearless, to trust and be secure.


Traditional: We have certainly created man in the best of stature;

My translation: Indeed, We designed human beings with the potential to grow a beautiful balance in themselves (and thus also in the world).

Comment: In my opinion: this verse (and the next) indicate that human beings consist of two essences: body/flesh, and a soul. The body and flesh can be mastered by individuals if they work toward creating a balance in themselves - in their souls.

Root: KH-L-Q خ ل ق: estimate, proportionate, balanced, model after something, make one thing out of another.

Root: A-N-S أ ن س: man, mankind

Root: H-S-N ح س ن: beauty, balance, symmetry; things which are pleasing to the eye because of their balanced proportion.

Root: Q-W-M ق و م: matter to be balanced, proportion, steadfast/enduring, to stop, balanced life, nation.


Traditional: Then We return him to the lowest of the low,

My translation: Then We return human beings to a beginning (physical) state which gives them no real profit in itself.

Comment: The verses indicate that human beings must work on growing their soul/self, or they will fall to a level even below that of animals ("lowest of the low"). Animals follow the natural order in nature by default, but humans fight the natural order if they don't focus on growing their soul/self. Next verse gives one solution as to how humans can grow their soul/self - see also chapter 103.

Root: RA-D-D ر د د: return something to someone.

Root: S-F-L س ف ل: lowliness, very low, mean people, no profit.


Traditional: Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrupted.

My translation: Except those who believe and work intentionally toward helping others and creating harmony in themselves (and thus in society). For these there is a continuous healing, growth and learning.

Root: A-M-N أ م ن: not beaking someone's trust, solace, peace, safety, fearless, to trust and be secure.

Root: AIN-M-L ع م ل: work with cleverness, act with intent, deeds with purpose and intent.

Root: SD-L-H ص ل ح: help others, balance, peace/harmony, imbalance to be removed.

Root: A-J-R أ ج ر: to pay for fractured bones. Compensation.

Root: GH-Y-R غ ي ر: change, except, beside, difference between two things, reform and benefit.

Root: M-N-N م ن ن: favour from God with no effort. Tired. Exhausted. To cut.


Traditional: So what yet causes you to deny the Recompense?

My translation: Then what makes you ignore following The System that can give you the truly good things in life?

Root: K-Z-B ك ذ ب: wrong news, pretend to sleep when called, slow camel, liar, deny.

Root: B-AIN-D ب ع د: distanced, removed from pleasantries of life, time to come.

Root: D-Y-N: د ي ن: overpower, state, decision, solid result, reward and punishment, faithfulness.


Traditional: Is not Allah the most just of judges?

My translation: Is God not the Wisest of the wise ones? (God is the only one who can truly take all things into consideration - seen and unseen - and thus is the best to decide in human affairs).

Root: L-Y-S ل ي س: no (verb expresses past tense).

Root: H-L-HE لأ ل ه: (God): ruler of everything that exists; one with power, one who gives protection during danger.

Root: H-K-M ح ك م: to tell a person their limit. Stop. Someone who decides matters with balance (considers all aspects).