My translation of chapter 93

This is a very special chapter; the reader should properly reflect on the verses. The chapter indicates that the road to God (thus enlightenment) will be a tough process - a process that can produce negative thoughts on the journey - "have I been forgotten by God?", "does God care about me?" - God promises that you have never been forgotten on life's journey. God helps you in your personal development and evolution, so that you might reach your destination. Set your focus on what is happening within you when you have chosen to be on this path.
An explanation of root-words.

Urfan Ul Hassan
January 2022

Chapter 93

Traditional: In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

My translation: With Him who can be known through signs; He who rules the entire universe; He who provides during times of need, and He who continuously sustains all things.

Root: sin-min-waw ("name"): sign to recognize something.

Root: hamza-lam-ha أ ل ه: (God): ruler of everything that exists; protector, one in power.

Root: ra-ha-mim (rahman, rahmah): rain that produces sustenance; protection when needed.

Root: ra-ha-mim (rahim): constant sustenance in the background; evolutionary sustenance.

Interestingly: rihm, rahm, ruhm: mother's womb nourishing and protecting the child.


Traditional: By the morning sunlight.

My translation: By the time after sunrise.

Root: dad-ha-waw; ض ح و: sunrise that light up everything. To be evident and clear; road became evident and clear.

Comment: This verse can be interpreted on a metaphorical level where "by the time after sunrise" refers to enlightenment: the right path is becoming clear after enlightenment.


Traditional: and the night when it falls still!

My translation: And the night when it covers with even more darkness.

Root: lam-ya-lam; ل ي ل: night, darkness.

Root: sin-jim-waw; س ج و: night stopping, silent night, night to become darker, peaceful sea.

Comment: Darkness = ignorance = a path with no clear light = no direction.


Traditional: Your Lord O Prophet has not abandoned you, nor has he become hateful of you.

My translation: He who Sustains and Guides your evolution has not forsaken you, nor has He left you unattended.

Comment: The verse addresses every human being. "Prophet" is not exclusively mentioned.

Root: ra-ba-ba; ر ب ب: nurture, develop, look after something, one who guides from beginning to end, one who improves. Reach a destination through evolution and change.

Root: waw-dal-ayn; و د ع: stop, left, give up, leave alone, goodbye, safe place.

Root: qaf-lam-ya; ق ل ي: leave someone, hate, fast, fry in pan, roast meat, annoyance.


Traditional: And the next life is certainly far better for you than this one.

My translation: And surely the future after the process of evolution has taken place is better for you than the first state.

Comment: Evolution could mean of society (revolution) and/or of the individual.

Root: hamza-kha-ra; أ خ ر: future, last, last segment of a sequence, evolution, revolution.

Root: kha-ya-ra; خ ي ر: good, the better of two things, even better, honor, superior.

Root: hamza-waw-lam; أ و ل: first, beginning and end, last result.


Traditional: And surely your Lord will give so much to you that you will be pleased.

My translation: Soon will He who Sustains and Guides your evolution give you the agreed upon long-term results of living by God's laws.

Root: ra-ba-ba; ر ب ب: Nurture, develop, look after something beginning to end.

Root: ayn-ta-waw; ع ط و: receive, deer that must lift its head to eat from trees, give.

Root: ra-dad-waw; ر ض و: mutual agreement, agree, approve, obedient, favoured.


Traditional: Did He not find you as an orphan then sheltered you?

My translation: Did He not find you ending up feeling alone (in existence), and so He inspired to you a path which leads to peace and security?

Root: waw-jim-dal; و ج د: gain knowledge, acquire, to know.

Root: ya-ta-mim; ي ت م: feeling alone, become lonely, unique pearl, orphan, neglected, sad.

Root: hamza-waw-ya; أ و ي: to gather, pity and fear, place of destination, place without fear.


Traditional: Did He not find you unguided then guided you?

My translation: And He found you searching for the right path in confusion, so He made evident to you the true path.

Root: waw-jim-dal; و ج د: gain knowledge, acquire, to know.

Root: dad-lam-lam; ض ل ل: wander, search, confused, two different things mixed.

Root: ha-dal-ya; ه د ي: light up, lead, forefront, evident, guide, see something from far away.


Traditional: And did He not find you needy then satisfied your needs?

My translation: And he found you in deprivation, so He made you self-sufficient.

Root: waw-jim-dal; و ج د: gain knowledge, acquire, to know.

Root: ain-ya-lam; ع ي ل: starvation, needy, deprived.

Root: ghayn-nun-ya; غ ن ي: free of need, strong, independent, have enough.


Traditional: So do not oppress the orphan,

My translation: (Reflecting on your own experience) You shall not oppress or treat harshly those who are feeling left out of society.

Root: ya-ta-mim; ي ت م: feeling alone, become lonely, unique pearl, orphan, neglected, sad.

Root: qaf-ha-ra; ق ه ر: oppress, high mountain, overwhelm, domination.


Traditional: nor repulse the beggar.

My translation: And do not turn away those who ask for your help.

Root: sin-hamza-lam; س أ ل: needy, ask for somethnig, request something, necessity.

Root: nun-ha-ra; ن ه ر: open up, water flowing, day, talk harshly.


Traditional: And proclaim the blessings of your Lord.

My translation: The Sustainer who Guides your evolution has comforted your heart by showing you the true path; thus, you shall share what you have learned with others (so that they too can discern between right and wrong).

Root: nun-ayn-mim; ن ع م: something comforting the heart, soft cloth, refreshing wind, good things in life, kindness, favour, superiority over nations, mental and physical benefits, cattle.

Root: ra-ba-ba; ر ب ب: nurture, develop, look after something beginning to end.

Root: ha-dal-tha; ح د ث: something new, never done before, bring into existence, young man, honest man, come into existence from oblivion, tales, historical records, propagation.

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