My name is Ali Urfan Ul Hassan, born October 1992. I am a clinical psychologist. I completed my bachelor's degree at NTNU in Trondheim and my Master's degree at Copenhagen University.

As a psychologist I want to inspire my patients to actively use the power of their mind and thinking. I try to simplify psychology and philosophy so that my patients can use the knowledge on a practical level in their daily life. With the right knowledge and mental tools, humans can master anything life presents as a challenge.

I work full-time at the hospital. I am also a certified therapist from Helse Bergen in regards to 4-day treatment of anxiety disorders.

I am from Vestli/Stovner in Oslo, Norway. As a person, I might be more of a philosopher than a psychologist. I am interested in photography and movies. I enjoy spending time in nature. I also do boxing as a hobby.